150 Valentines

For 3 years now I’ve adopted Valentine’s Day as my time to make contact with people. This year I got the crazy idea to draw each one by hand. I liked the idea that each person would get something unique, with their name on it, but that there would be a larger whole that they would also be part of. It did require that I brutally slash my mailing list, but I made sure that everyone on the list knows me (although I haven’t met them all): most of the people are somewhere between friendly and friend to me. I intended to do 125, but as I remembered people I’d left out, it grew to 150. I had to cap it there: I was exhausted, out of time, and my drawing hand (which is insured for five million dollars) was nearly broken. Now that they are all done and sent, I have already thought of a few people who should have got one but didn’t, and if you are one of those people, I truly do apologize.

They are numbered, and already much has been made of what number people are on the list. Not to burst the bubbles of those with low numbers, but the order was complex and not tied to relative affection. Those living further away went out first (#1 is for Min Wang, in China), those living closer went out last. Additional sorting was alphabetical by company name. There were a few stragglers, and there were a few who I held back because I hadn’t drawn a heart that felt quite right for them yet.

And of course there’s always the worry of “her valentine is nicer than my valentine.” Well. Is it really? I don’t think so.

Happy Valentine’s Day!