love letters

For my valentines this year I wanted to do something personal, but not as personal as last year’s. I started with drawing letterforms in the shape of hearts. I was going to lay them out as “a, b, c …” etc., but decided instead to make some interesting words on the sheet.

These were printed on CT “Blush”, a gloriously pretty pink translucent, then cut into squares by my favourite printer, Lee Edwards at Printing Ink, here in Vancouver (he is so patient with me and my fussy printing projects).

I unpacked the squares, which Lee had bundled so nicely into sorted piles, and signed a whole bunch of hearts.

Then I began selecting hearts to make the names of each person, stuffing envelopes, and applying labels … over 300 names on my mailing list.

The envelopes are also translucent so this is sortof what each recipient sees.

Although the hearts go into the envelope in order, I suspect most people just dump them out. I was counting on people’s ability to pick their own names out of random and somewhat distorted letterforms. There are two styles of X, which caused some confusion with the occasional XOX. And I sent 4 names in one envelope to my brother and his family, which I gather caused an extended puzzle-solving at the table.

The image below is from Jonathan Parker:

And this is from Nik Hafermaas:

And Alissa Walker:

Happy Valentine’s Day!