video credits

OK, this is it. This is the best thing I've made in a while ... that wasn't rejected, anyway. When the good folks at asked to do a documentary on me, that was fun enough, but when they asked for me to do an animation for the end credits, I was super happy, because not only did I get to do something I'd never done before, but I also got to honour the great people who worked on the video. (Original music by Reg Powell, as noted.)

I made it by creating all the frames in illustrator, and then handing those files over to to compile into a moving image. Magic! People often ask me about doing animation but usually they're thinking of something that grows organically ... you know, that growing swirling thing. I couldn't be less interested. 

However, what I did want to do was show how I work with systems and parts. So the animations on these evolve into and devolve out of letterforms that are created from a pattern system.

The lettering is pretty much illegible until the last frame, when it comes clear, pauses, and then starts to disintegrate again.

There's alos a pattern transition between each credit.

Piles of fun, with thanks, as always to the folks at