Maharam wallpapers 1

Maharam is a very high end fabric company, mostly for the trade (architects, interior designers) with “a strong focus on new technologies and cultural markers, often finding inspiration beyond the textile industry, including collaborations with avant-garde industry outsiders.” That would be me.

After wanting to work with them for several years, I have now been working with them on some things for about a year, some of which are not ready to be revealed. But these are: from Maharam Digital Projects, their new collection of wall coverings.

So far there are 3 designs of mine to choose from.

1) Feathers.

This is an old pattern of mine, which I revived and perfected for this project. I confess I was doubtful about the application, but clearly they know more about these things than I do because it looks terrific!

2) Pattern Plaid

This is a plaid in which not only do the colours cross at the intersections but little pattern units do as well. It’s bright and cheery.

3) Birds

This bird is one I drew years ago which has also been resurrected and patternized for the wallpaper. Giant, scrolly birds.

To see these on the Maharam website, or to order them, go to the Maharam Virtual Library and click on the binder (currently on far left) called Maharam Digital Projects, and then click on the index at top right, and scroll though to find mine. But be forewarned, you’ll probably get to the ones by Karel Martens and forget all about me and order his for your entire house. Not to mention all those other fabulous designs that I wish I had a palace for.

Photos courtesy of Maharam.