Saks Fifth Avenue Snowflakes

Last year Saks commissioned me to draw 25 snowflakes for their 2008 Christmas season. (I delivered a few extras.) Working with the marvellous Terron Schaefer once again, he encouraged me to be very loose and varied in my approach. I spent a number of days, sitting on my couch, in July, drawing snowflakes.

I drew some like feathers, like antlers, with little people, one made all of houses, some like sparkly lights, a hairy one, a few like ribbons, some were complex and three dimensional, others simple and flat …

You know how it is, you do some work for something that won’t be realized for over a year, and you kindof forget about it. It’s not that I forgot, exactly, it just that I forgot what Saks does with things after I hand them over! And now the season of magic is upon us, and the snowflakes have been launched, and are turning up on bags and ads and catalogues and hats and … well, have a look:

The front and back of one of the catalogues (above and below):

Another catalogue showing the snowflake hat:

I supplied drawings, but they have been transformed into all sorts of other materials:


A page from the catalogue shows the boxes:

Gift cards!:

The hat:

The bags, outside and inside … :

But get a load of this. They commissioned jewellers to make one-of-a-kind pieces based on some of the snowflakes:

More about the jewellery, here.

And I will be going to New York in mid-December and will return, I hope, with more pictures from the store.

View the Saks catalogue online, here. (Not sure how long that link will work: maybe not after Dec. 25 2008?)