valentines 2010

This year I had the idea to make my valentines from old Christmas cards.

I solicited my friends to send me all their used Christmas cards, and I started getting exciting envelopes of cards in the mail. Many, many cards. This must be what it’s like to be popular!

I created the design of the heart for laser cutting … I wanted most of the card image to be cut away, but there to be enough left that some semblance of image remained; that you could tell it came from a christmas card.

I then consulted with Arkwel Industries here in Vancouver about the production. They got totally behind the idea, and Nancy Lock and her boss, Bill, also sent me a huge batch of used cards.

The laser cutter is fussy, so then I had to sort the cards, discarding any with multi-layers or glued-on bits, and sorting the rest into card weight, which I did just with a primitive snap-test.

Then I trimmed them so that the heart would fall in the most interesting part of the card.

The final result exceeded my most hopeful expectations.

I simply couldn’t believe how transformed the cards were …

How these cards (most of which were, in their original state, nothing special, or even downright ugly) gained so much more from the process.

How abstracted the designs became.

And how incredibly attached I became to each and every card. They were very hard to give away.

I made about 500, and every single one is different.

Here’s Ed Fella’s card, hanging in his office:

They looked so great all together: