Valentines 2011

It's that time of year again, and herewith are my 2011 Valentines. Because this Valentine thing has gotten a little out of control in a covetous way, I thought it would be nice if I was able to give people multiple valentines that were all similar but slightly different, so they could keep one or two for themselves and still have a few to give away. So I created a modular heart with which I could easily make 10 variations, and as well I made a heart that says "Remember when we were young, we used to give Valentines to all our friends." (My best friend's 7-yr-old did not get this at all, repeatedly saying "But we do give Valentines to our friends." Yeah, wait 'til you're older, kid.)

So here's the press sheet:

Each person got one of the following in either blue or pink:

And then they got 4 or 5 different Valentine hearts. As I said, they are supposed to give them away, but it seems people like to hoard them! These are Kim Berlin's at Sterling Brands:

Kirsten Skipp has added one to a shrine:

Mark Mushet might have given the rest away like a good boy ...

Nik Hafermass has added his to his growing collection:

Stanley Hainsworth has made an odd justaposition:

Darling Tan Le is ready to cash in:

But the amazing Stefan Bucher really knew what to do! ... crazy kid!!

The process for making these was documented by in this VIDEO! 

With big thanks to David White and Scott Erickson and all the folks at

You might be wondering how you get on my Valentine list. The answer is it's tough. This is a monumental effort for me each year so I'm not anxious to expand the list. However, hiring me and paying me gobs of cash is a pretty sure bet. ;)